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“Sotogrande is known for being an economically rich area with a lot of tourism. Some of the richest and most powerful families in Spain have their holiday homes right here in Sotogrande.”

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Sotogrande in Spain is located 500 km south of the capital Madrid and 14 meters above sea level. Only just over 2,500 permanent residents live here, so it is not difficult to get to know this small town even if you are not visiting for a long time. With a size of only 20 square kilometers, this wonderful place still manages to touch both sea, hills, cork forests and much more that contribute to unforgettable views. The size gives you a chance to discover every corner of the resort so as not to miss out on anything that the place has to offer.

In May 2006, The Times reported that this place has the most expensive homes in all of Europe. (thus not saying that all homes in the area are in the higher price range).

The reason for the resort’s great appeal is a combination of natural beauty, which was enhanced by early landscaping and planting of palm and coniferous trees, and its magnificent resorts and not least the beautiful marina.

But you do not have to spend a fortune to get a holiday home to breathe in the wonderful air here and enjoy the views, you can also do this by booking a regular holiday trip. Prices in general are not directly more expensive at restaurants etc. compared to, for example, Marbella.

Book a trip to Sotogrande on the Costa Del Sol in Andalusia to not only enjoy the beautiful surroundings, but also to experience the luxurious feeling and the relaxing atmosphere, but of course the local cuisine and culture.

Many also travel here for the resort’s high-class golf courses, so if a golf trip is high on the list, Sotogrande is well worth a visit. Here you will find, among other things, the world-famous course Valderrama Golf. Maybe the wonderful environments can also inspire you and help you improve your game.

Sotogrande is not only world famous for its beautiful world class golf courses, but also for its Polo. Here are 6 world-famous horse polo fields, all of which are owned by the Santa Maria Polo Club.

Given the varying terrain, this is a small town that still offers a lot when it comes to the environment. Head southeast to take a dip in the sea, around the entire resort you will find an incredible number of named beaches to explore. If you go instead 4.5 km northwest, you will reach the highest point, this reaches 267 meters above sea level.

If you also want to take the car and explore other surrounding cities, we can recommend the surf town of Tarifa (but avoid La Línea de la Concepción), which is 40 km away. from Sotogrande. A trip to Sotogrande offers a lot to both see and do, here you can stay for a short time as well as longer without feeling full.

The architecture of Sotogrande is also something that should not be missed. Walk around the city and take part in all that the buildings have to offer.

Sotogrande is known as an architectural exhibition and here you will find a number of different styles that vary with everything from the traditional Andalusian style to the mid-century modern styles, all the way through the design and patterns of the 21st century.

In 2008, the municipality declared three buildings of cultural interest, these are now protected and may neither be demolished nor rebuilt. These buildings are called Biddle House, the Zóbel house and the Real Club de Golf and they are all well worth a visit when you are here.

But what is the climate like in Sotogrande? Well here is the wonderful Mediterranean climate that prevails. The average temperature for the whole year is a comfortable 18 degrees and the warmest is in July when the average temperature is 28 degrees. Summer is therefore a perfect time to pay a visit to be able to walk around in the heat and experience the city on foot.

The beaches can also attract the most during this period as the water is pleasant to swim in. During the summer you also avoid the rain almost completely, it rains on average only 1 mm during the whole month of July.

But spring and autumn are also popular times to holiday here because the coldest month, which is February, only has an average temperature of 10 degrees. If you want to avoid the rainiest time, you should avoid booking a trip in November, when the precipitation is 151 mm.

On this, the westernmost part, side of the Costa del Sol, it is generally more rainy and windier than the rest of the Costa del Sol. This is because the weather in Sotogrande and Estepona is largely dictated by the nearby Strait of Gibraltar.
Gibraltar cliff seen from beach in Sotogrande.

However, if you go down to Sotogrande in February, there is a lot that outweighs the lower temperature, at the end of February, the Cadiz Carnival begins in the city of Cádiz, which is about 1.5 hours away by car.

This is a party that lasts for a full 11 days and consists of various costumed parties that are scattered throughout all these days. As early as 1980, this festival was designated as “a festival of tourist interests” and it has only grown since then, now it is visited by both locals and thousands of party-loving tourists every year.

Unpack your funniest outfits and take part in the joy and culture that comes with the parade!

There is plenty to see and do in or around Sotogrande whether you are traveling alone, with friends or with family. Stroll around and see what else tickles your interest and enjoy a wonderful holiday in wonderful temperatures, beautiful landscapes and many activities to choose from. By all means, don’t forget to take part in the culinary culture and try one of the many high-class local restaurants.

Both local and international cuisine is recommended! Although there is a lot to experience in Sotogrande alone, it may well be worth renting a car and discovering nearby towns and areas.

There is a reason why tourism is flourishing right here! The province of Cádiz is considered a future area in general, and this applies in particular to the exclusive, little gem Sotogrande.

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Alternatively, you’re always welcome to contact our Sotogrande property team. Over the years we have helped 100’s clients find their dream property in the Sotogrande area – can we do the same for you?

Simply let us know what you’re looking for and we will search the market for suitable options and arrange viewings on your behalf.